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Software Development

Digital Content Queue Management Middleware (DCQMM)

Digital Content Queue Management Middleware helps small and medium enterprises to manage their digital content, monitor and queue the content as per their needs. This is a very cost effective solution which minimizes the processing time and improves the customer experience. Following are high level features

  • Solution is been built using latest technologies using SOA architecture and Mobile technologies.
  • Framework is designed to fit into any domain ( Media, Energy, Banking, Healthcare etc.)
  • Solution is built over SOA architecture
  • Solution is flexible, extensible and can integrate with any back end systems.
  • Cost effective solution
  • Business logic is readily available. Easy to customize and incorporate branding.
  • Out-of-box support for reporting module.
  • Fully scalable solution.
  • Supports Internationalization

Energy EDI

  • Built strictly for Energy Industry
  • Developed based on NAESB Internet EDI/EDM standards
  • Moderately Priced
  • Performs all EDI/EDM and FF/EDM activities
  • Requires only minimal setup
  • Simple and easy navigational screens
  • Runs on Vista, XP Pro, Windows 2003 server or higher
  • To review details of the product please click energyedi


PVMS (PV Management System)

In association with our client GSI (Greener Solar Innovations) we are developing PVMS. PVMS is a Web based solution that allows one to manage the proposed PV systems to their valued clients and customers using client server architecture. PVMS is used to analyze different PV project scenarios and compare cost per kilowatt hour and perform quick analysis while meeting with the customers during the point of sale. PVMS save hundreds of hours and therefore thousands of dollars, by automating tedious analysis tasks.
Its features include:

  • Stores basic information about PV solar system projects including project name, customer name, contact information and so forth.
  • Stores system parameters such as general regional location, the tilt of the panels, azimuth, panel shading by month , etc.
  • Includes regional data from PVWatts predicting hourly system output for every day of an entire year. Allows tilt, and azimuth to be specified. Also allows import of data for unusual configurations directly from PVWATTS web site.
  • Estimates annual PV production based on PV module quantity and brand/model. Includes panel lists by brand and model as well as CEC rating.
  • Adjusts predicted PV System output due to shading, panel soiling and other factors as is required for California CSI rebates.
  • Captures data from a Solmetric Suneye. Also accommodates entry of data from Solar Pathfinder trace diagrams.
  • Allows for entry of a customer’s electric utility usage history from prior utility bills to help predict future electric consumption.
  • For new construction where no historic consumption data is available, PVMS accommodates entry of predicted electrical consumption based on Title 24 reports and other demand calculators such as that provided by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.
  • Predicts the approximate annual charges and credits that will be generated from tying to the grid based on the selected utility vendor’s rate plan. This includes calculations for "time of use" plans with tiered rates.
  • Includes common California utilities regional rate tables for various rate plans.
  • Allows for user input of unusual or new rate tables.
  • Helps you calculates the number of modules required to generate a targeted number of kilowatts. Allows you to tweak the system size until the projected annual utility bill reaches zero
PVMS also generates time saving reports including:
  • System Report that contains basic system information, customer information, estimated production etc.
  • Single Line Diagram required by some utility companies.
  • Estimated PBI Payment Schedule for the California CSI.
  • Shading, production and monthly utility charges/credits reports in Excel format that are impressive sales tools.
  • Fills in repetitive information (such as address and vendor name) for many California CSI program forms.