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S&R Professionals is always on the lookout for qualified people. So even in today's tight market, we can offer you the very best services. We provide high quality and on time business solutions to our valued clients through out the world.

We focus on team building and tapping the potential of our experienced consultants who are our real assets. Added to their dedication and commitment, our consultants are always geared up with the latest skill sets to meet the most challenging and ever changing demands of industry. S&R can serve you in following areas of Industry:

IT-Information Technology

  • Project execution
  • Products development based
  • on current contracts for future business

  • Engineers CAD/CAM/GIS

  • Consultants
  • DW Architects
  • Developers
  • DBA'S
  • Techinal Architects
  • Designers
  • ERP specialists
  • Business Analysts